American Eagle Moving & Transport

American Eagle Moving & Transport
5511 US Highway 280 Greystone Park, Birmingham, AL 35242
Leave the hard work up to us. Let the movers at American Eagle Moving & Transport be your premier moving company that specializes in providing the best moving and transport service. We will move you to your new home or office anywhere in Alabama.
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I have used many different moving companies over the years to move in state and out of state and have always been happy with the various companies that I have done business with. Unfortunately for me this experience with American Eagle Moving was not the case. From what I have seen American Eagle Moving is probably the cheapest moving company out there when it comes to prices charged. They also use Groupon type incentives through a company called "Superdeal". I had already booked another move through Two Men and a Truck when my fiancee encouraged me to get the coupon through Superdeal and then use AEM. Well, that turned out to be a costly mistake. First of all let me state that the movers that we used were very polite and in my opinion did the best job that they could. I don't think anything was ever intentionally damaged and I also understand that damages are a hazard of the moving process. That being said what happened next made me so upset over this whole experience and it rests squarely with the management of this company. She is specifically the reason why I will never give them another penny of my money and will encourage others to never use them as well. After we enlisted the help of American Eagle Moving for the second time to move into a brand new 3000 square foot house we began to see damages to both the floors of the new house, the walls to the new house, and some of the furniture, appliances, and dishes that were professionally packed. The problem is, is that I had to go out of town the very next day for work after the move, and my fiancee got bronchitis and couldn't do anything for about a week delaying our being able to finish the move for about 7-10 days. When I was in town and she was finally able to help with the move we found quite a bit of damage to some of our furniture, house itself, and to some sentimental dinner ware. My fiancee was obviously upset and so she emailed the owner giving her an itemized list of what happened. Since we fell outside the 48 hour window of reporting any damage to the company we didn't feel as if we would get anything in return and quite frankly we really weren't expecting anything. However, we were not at all happy with the correspondence from one Mimi Clark in regards to what happened to our things. In the beginning it seems as if she ignored my fiancee's correspondence as almost a week went by and she didn't respond at all. When my fiancee emailed again the owner claimed to be doing her own investigation and stated that all the damages were incurred when I used Two Men and a Truck. I had used Two Men and a Truck when I moved out of my old house into storage but all the damage that we...