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HVAC Parts Warehouse
PO Box 4192 Buffalo NY 14217
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HVAC Parts Warehouse is located in Buffalo, New York. The company is categorized under the Home Centers industry. This industry comprises establishments known as home centers primarily engaged in retailing a general line of new home repair and improvement materials and supplies, such as lumber, plumbing goods, electrical goods, tools, housewares, hardware, and lawn and garden supplies, with no one merchandise line predominating. The merchandise lines are normally arranged in separate departments. HVAC Parts Warehouse can be more broadly classified into the Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers sector, defined as companies that retail new building material and garden equipment and supplies from fixed point-of-sale locations. Establishments in this sector have display equipment designed to handle lumber and related products and garden equipment and supplies that may be kept either indoors or outdoors under covered areas. The staff is usually knowledgeable in the use of the specific products being retailed in the construction, repair, and maintenance of the home and associated grounds. HVAC Parts Warehouse PO Box 4192 Buffalo NY 14217 313-769-4699 Website : https://www.hvacpw.com/

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