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Dream Foam Bedding is leading company for latex mattress, talalay latex mattress, all natural latex mattress and memory foam mattress. Our mattresses are built with the highest quality materials. John Merwin went all in on the idea of being one of the few mattress retailers in the country to manufactures its own beds…and built a factory. Two brothers, John and Rob Merwin, began as liquidators but eventually, quite tenaciously and scientifically started deconstructing mattresses and visiting factories to learn how to build a better mattress themselves. The early days, 1995 to be exact, consisted of a refurbished Wonder Bread truck, a Motorola brick phone, and Rob unloading every mattress in his inventory at any house in the Phoenix, Arizona valley, day or night. John—who was about to marry, but whose path to earning a college degree to support his wife and himself in Montana was rather dismal—agreed to help.

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