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Welcome to Axel Mortgage, Inc. where exceeding the standard for responsible lending is our mission! We don't use deceptive advertising or hire misleading loan officers to drive our business. We have consistently earned the highest rating available with the Better Business Bureau for doing business ethically. We don't charge upfront lock fees, upfront application fees, or worse...1% back out fees like most other mortgage companies. We have found that sophisticated shoppers with high service expectations have always been our best clients and have also been the best source of repeat and referral business! 99% of our business comes from repeat business and referrals so this is a very good indication of how well we price our loans and how well we treat our clients! Please take a moment to click on our current interest rates. These rates are updated daily so you always have true marketable rates to reference. If you qualify conventionally, we deliver the rates and fees we post - period! No smoke, no mirrors, no deception. If any changes to the rate or cost are mandatory on your loan (example-cash out refinances) you will know about them upfront. We do not lie about our rates or fees to make our phones ring!! We do not bait and switch!!

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