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Arizona Wings N' Stings was started in 1997 as one of only a few companies in the entire southwest that specialized in solving human interaction problems for Pigeons and Birds where they come in contact. After 26 plus years in the Bird control and Pest control business we have learned a great deal through training provided by some of our suppliers, membership in the Nation Pest Management Association and the Arizona Pest Professional Organization, but our real training comes from 1000's of man-hours of both hands on field work and experimental application work using different exclusion or deterrent materials and methods to find out what looks good and about what will work and what will not work in different situations and structures. The manufactures of different bird materials sometimes make claims that don't hold up as claimed to the birds or to the intense desert heat or the north country cold, rain and snow and it takes experience and knowledge to use the right products so we get the desired results.
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