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Riverbend Antiques
419 Brady St Davenport, IA 52801-1510
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Located in the historic “red brick” buildings of the 400 block of Brady St. in old downtown Davenport, Iowa, Riverbend Antiques features over 250,000 items. The five buildings of Riverbend date back to 1862 and sit on old Commerce Alley which in 1830 was the original plotted Main Street of Davenport. The oldest structure in downtown – the first Christian church built West of the Mississippi – still stands on the property. Thirty-eight years ago, Ron “Catman” Bellomy rented the front room of the house and named it Riverbend Antiques after the only East/West bend in his beloved Mississippi River around which the city is built. Since then, Riverbend has become one of the largest solely owned antique stores in the country.

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