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801 Third Street New Martinsville, WV 26155
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In the late 1930’s Paul Riggenbach started out making deliveries for local farmers and residents of New Martinsville. He began noticing more and more linoleum rugs being unloaded from the train station (that once was a popular source of delivery in our small town). He saw an opportunity and began buying flooring to resell and deliver to all those in the market for this new product. Paul married his sweetheart, Rose Kimble, and with the money he had made from his flooring sales, he built his new business, Riggenbach Tile & Linoleum, and a home for his family above what is now the showroom of of the store. His children, Kathie, Donnie, and Vicki all grew up and helped out with the business. Don, after graduating with his Master’s Degree in Oceanography, came back to help his father to learn the business and eventually take over. Don followed in his father’s footsteps, marrying his sweetheart, Jackie King, and had a couple children of his own, Rebecca and Matthew, who also helped with the business as they came of age. Don grew with the business and evolved with the changing economy and the birth of “Big Box Stores” that threatened small businesses across the country. Weathering those storms, the business survived.

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