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As a young child, my family moved to a house in Coconut Grove in 1961, The house had been built in 1919. My father lived in the house until he passed away in 2018. My brother and I had both moved and started lives outside of Miami. With some degree of reluctance, we decided to sell the house. The original house was about 2500 square feet constructed primarily of Dade County pine and coral rock (also known as oolitic limestone). The carpenters who built this house were masters of their trade but the materials available at the time were limited and there was no building code in the area. Massive 4×6 beams rested on coral rock boulders and created the foundation. From there up, the entire structure was Dade County pine except for plaster on lathe (in place of drywall) covering the walls and modern shingles on the roof.

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