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If your vehicle has been damaged and has visible dents then there are several different variables in which Paintless Dent Repair is priced.  Dime sized round door dings can be as low as $125.00, this price is based of the minimum per each panel we charge.  The larger a dent is the more the price goes up.  Most average door dings are in the $125-$225 range.  When there is a small our round dent then typically it does not stretch or reshape the metal which could make it more difficult for us to fix.  When identifying dents and where the damage is located we use a special L.E.D dent light and tools designed to relieve pressure from the back side of the panel.  The round dents will then be massaged out to 97%-100% perfection.  This technique is hundreds of dollars cheaper than your conventional body shop, while also maintaining the value of your vehicle.  With small chips in your paint we can typically touch up after all repairs are made for a slick and beautiful finish.

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