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As a practicing interior designer, I have found that one of the hardest goals to accomplish is visual communication of my design ideas with my clients. It is clear that clients want to SEE and LOVE what their new rooms will look like before they place their orders for merchandise. However, without a fabulous illustration to showcase these design ideas, communication can be frustrating and unsuccessful, often resulting in disappointing compromises with the original designs. In order to make the best presentations to my clients, I relied on the services of a professional illustrator when the design budget permitted. I soon found that my ability to sell my designs was dramatically increased when I presented high-quality drawings to my clients. However, using an artist on a regular basis proved to be very costly. I eventually realized that many drawings of furniture, window coverings, and accessories, were similar (if not identical) from job to job. The idea came to me to produce and print individual, hand-drawings of interior design components that would be reusable. Then, a system could be developed whereby these drawings are easily and quickly combined into beautiful sketches. I felt that this type of design tool would be extremely helpful to other designers and decorators in facilitating the design process and lending a means for visual communication between the designer and client.
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