Don Barese Fine Art and Antiques

Don Barese Fine Art and Antiques
3651 Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT 06518
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The excitement for and attraction to art can be born within you or developed. In my case, it was both. I always loved art but it wasn’t until I purchased a 1938 Society of American Etchers etching by James Allen and placed it on my wall that I was hooked. From there, I began to research American paintings and prints from the 1850’s to the 1950’s and visited numerous museums, art galleries, independent dealers and shows. The passion grew and a dream took form as I created a successful business devoted to buying and selling wonderful examples of great art by great artists. Combining this passion with my antiques business has helped me over the years to find more great art as I have the ability and opportunity to purchase entire estates. In fact, many of the paintings in our inventory have been held privately for years and only came to light recently, upon purchasing an entire estate.

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