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Fairfield County Services

Fairfield County Services, LLC is a residential and commercial full service home improvement company. We have been helping Fairfield County residents and business owners bring their remodeling ideas to life for the past eighteen years.

26 Deacon Abbot Lane S Redding, CT 06896

LaPlace and Eagan LLC

For 100 years, LaPlace and Eagan LLC has been Connecticut's best choice painting and power washing services. Family owned and operated since 1910, LaPlace and Eagan LLC have built a reputation for excellent work which is why they have been chosen.

266 South Main St Deep River, CT 06147
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Prism House Painting LLC

Prism House Painting, LLC has been in business since 1993, when we established a painting company that could offer reasonable, reliable services and connect with customers on an individual level instead of a corporate one.

169 Noroton Ave Darien, CT 06820