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Actsys Garage Door Company
8461 S.W. 36 ST., Miami, FL 33155 ​

ACTSYS Garage Doors, Inc. has 18 years of experience performing garage door repairs across South Florida. We have all the necessary parts, tools, training and experience required on our trucks to make sure your garage door is working to its highest potential. At ACTSYS Garage Doors we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver timely, competitive, effective and inexpensive repairs. Our specialists will handle all aspects of your garage door repair. We cover everything from repairing broken springs to installing or maintaining motorized garage doors. ACTSYS Garage Doors recommends all their clients to schedule yearly maintenance visits. Why? Because your door gets heavier everyday and we want to make sure your door is properly balanced, serviced and maintained to prevent issues with your door's proper function.

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